Appointment Book

The Smallbiz Appointment Book is a user-friendly module packed with features! Save time, money and the hassles of paper based appointment books.

The Appointment Book module can be used as a stand alone system, a local network or across the Internet. This means that a receptionist at one salon can arrange the appointments for a whole chain of salons.

Appointment Book Features:

  • Daily and weekly views
  • Take appointment information directly to the cash register
  • Display appointments in two ways either by staff or resources used
  • Adjust time scales between 5, 10, 15, 30, & 60 minutes
  • View the appointments for every staff member for the entire day
  • View a staff members appointments for a whole week
  • Book regular weekly & monthly appointments
  • Choose your own colour scheme for different services
  • Create multi-step appointments
  • Book Staff with right skills to get the right person to perform the service
  • Allows booking only when resources are available preventing embarrassing overbookings
  • Comprehensive appointment searching and reporting facilities
  • Search on free appointment times based on staff skill and resource usage
  • Friendly interface, easily copy and paste or drop and drag appointments around the screen
  • SMS/Email clients to confirm appointments and get them to reply automatically
  • Return SMS option for auto confirmation & cancellation

Appointment Safeguards:

  • Every appointment change is traced & recorded.
  • Skills checking confirms your staff skill and prevents booking the wrong staff for the service required.
  • Resource checking confirms equipment is available and not double booked.
  • Room checking resource ensures the right sort of room is available for the service booked.
  • Simple print allows you to print out daily appointment book pages.

Appointments Online

  • Allow your customers to make a live booking directly from your website.
  • Online bookings are in “real time” just like booking a plane ticket, say good -bye to email requests.
  • The client does not see any other appointments, only the available slots for the day, time & service they search on.
  • Integrate with your website or as a standalone page.
  • Fully customisable to suit your business & branding.
  • Reduce no shows by accepting secure pre payments via PayPal.
  • Appointments are made instantly & customers receive an automated email &/or SMS with details.
  • Allow VIP clients to book online without taking payment.
  • Sell gift vouchers online as part of our web bookings system.
  • Vouchers are emailed directly from the system
  • Clients can pay for appointments with Gift Vouchers