Australian Professional Systems was established in 1986 by Peter Hoban. After discovering business management systems available on the market were lacking in functionality, he decided to develop an alternative. The result of expertise in computing combined with a thorough knowledge of business environments resulted in the first version of Smallbiz. This was over 28 years ago, and since then Smallbiz has grown from strength to strength.

Since 1986: – Smallbiz has been rewritten 4 times, from the ground up to incorporate new technology, and embracing the scope of other industries. The types of computers & accessories that we use has changed many times , computer operating systems have developed from DOS 3.1 to the latest Windows environment. Technology such as bar-code readers, docket printers, touch screens, the Internet, DVDs, SMS & email are now all encompassed within the program.

Many other management software programs have come onto the market and then disappeared without a trace, but not Smallbiz. We develop our software with changing technology and changing user needs, making Smallbiz the most organic and useful business management software available on the market. We know of the many pitfalls in business computing and have developed our phone support and training manuals over the years to provide our clients with as trouble free computing as possible.

Our staff are our greatest asset. All our staff are based in Australia and have experience running salons.. We know salons don’t want to talk to an overseas support call center.

The money you pay to smallbiz all stays in Australia and employs Australians !

Our Team