Marketing Surveys – Seminar News- Conversion Cut Off – What’s New

Smallbiz Conversions end 31st October 2014

Over the last 18 months we have been asking for old Smallbiz CD’s to be returned to us in exchange for a new CD. These new Cd’s contain the new Smallbiz database which is a crucial Smallbiz update.

We have been converting users from one database to the other for free however free conversions will end on 31st October 2014. After this date a conversion fee of $95.00 will be applicable to all conversions.

If you are not sure if you have been converted please contact our support team on 1300130294.

Smallbiz Seminars

We would like to thank everyone who RSVP’d to our up and coming seminars. The Sydney seminar has gone ahead on Monday 29th September & Brisbane will be on Monday 13th October. Seminar places are still available for Brisbane for anyone who would like to attend. Please email your RSVP to

Unfortunately both Melbourne & Western Australia were cancelled due to insufficient numbers. We will organise future seminars in these states in 2015.

What’s New?

1. You can now email or print future appointment details booked for clients.

2. You can now nominate a wait staff column within the appointment book. This column will be excluded from SMS reminders.

3. If you change a clients name Smallbiz will now automatically adjust booked appointments with the name change.

4. New reports have been added to Smallbiz including Staff item report and No sales in period report.

To see a complete list of recent upgrades please click HERE.

freeadvantageclubimageSURVEYSSmallbiz is now offering custom marketing surveys. The surveys can be used as a tool in your marketing campaigns to collect customer feedback & suggestions.

The surveys will be designed & published online, you can then direct your clients to the link where they can complete the survey and the results will be emailed directly to you.

To show an example of how the surveys work we have created our very own survey that we would like all Smallbiz users to complete. The survey topic is all about business apps and whether having an app designed for your business is something you have considered.

For more information about getting your survey online please email