Smallbiz Packages – Paperless Options – Cloud Offer – New Features

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We are getting many questions in regards to salons making their business paperless. It is a topic that cannot be considered lightly when considering the legal implications associated with an insurance claim. Smallbiz has the option built in to be paperless however we recommend seeking your own advice as to how it could potentially impact your business.

Smallbiz can offer solutions for

– Storing Documents

– Paperless Forms

– Digital Signatures

For more information about going paperless please read HERE[/ezcol_1half_end]


Cloud Special Offer

The Smallbiz cloud is a convenient additional license that allows you to be flexible in using your software. A cloud license can be used to work from home, as a second terminal within the business or to be mobile on the road.

We are offering a special offer on our cloud license for strictly a limited time. Normally $78 per month, we are offering this service at $58 per month for a limited time.

A connection fee of $195 is applicable and the special rate applies only to new connections in the month of May.

To find out more information or to order your cloud license please email or call 1300130294.

New Features

– You will now see a new marketing tab in the customer card area. Click on this tab to view SMS & Emails that have previously been sent to this customer.

– Smallbiz will now prompt you when a client does not have an email address included on their card. The program will also prompt you if a client’s email address has recently bounced.

– The Smallbiz backup area now displays the backup size.

– Gift Vouchers can now be emailed directly to clients. Please note your gift voucher template needs to be defined in our email area first.

– New package report displays a report of entitlements available in packages purchased.

New Features in Marketing

In Smallbiz marketing there are two new searches available.

– Referred by search will display all clients referred by an individual customer.

– The new grouped with search displays clients that are grouped with another i.e. mother & daughter or employees of a business.

-Storing your marketing searches has been improved. You can now update a stored search rather than deleting it and re saving.

A note from Accounts

All monthly invoices will now be emailed regardless of payment arrangements. If we automatically process your payment each month you will still receive a copy of your invoice.

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