Keep the Customer!

Tips & Strategies

This week we have been sharing some tips & strategies on Customer Retention & how it can help grow your business.

Do you have customer retention strategies in place that work for your biz? We would love to hear about them…day1

Client retention is equally important to both salon owners and stylists…

Considering that it is less expensive to retain a client than to attract a new one. So if you are going to invest time, money and effort in attracting new clients, follow through with excellent customer service that will pay off in client retention. Run the Smallbiz client retention report today to see how your retention is performing…


First impressions last…

Listen to your client’s wants and needs. Communicate throughout the service to ensure that they are receiving what they want. Create a lasting impression with your clients by creating standards for your employees to follow.
Exceeding your client’s expectations on their first visit will make them excited to come back.


Know your Figures…

Keep track of all your figures by using your Smallbiz software, Run an expanded averages report, client retention report & a rebooking report. Keeping an eye on these figures is the key to growing your business and will help you identify which areas of your business need improvement.


Asking for Feedback…

Train your staff to ask for feedback when finalizing an appointment with a customer. Listen for words such as “excellent” “good” “okay” or “fine” and have your staffs trained with a script to ensure the client is satisfied with their service. A client should never leave your salon feeling underwhelmed. Follow up after the service via email with a Smallbiz customer survey form that can be returned via email in the privacy of the clients own home.


Set Retention Goals…

Create goals for each staff member and display benchmark reports to create healthy competition. Monitor and measure their performance regularly and reward them for great performance.

Your Smallbiz software package ensures all the reports you need for healthy customer retention are at your fingertips. For help accessing these reports in yours system call our support team on 1300 130 294 ext 4.

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