The end of the year is almost upon us again and now is the perfect time to start planning, organising and scheduling your end of year marketing. Here are marketing some tips to help you make the most of the end of year rush…

1. Planning your service promotions:

Think about any special service offers you would like to offer over the next few months and plan for them now. Planning early will give you the time to carefully consider your promotion, organise additional signage or product needed for your offer and to also create a carefully considered marketing campaign for it.

2. Talk to your suppliers:

Your product suppliers will also be organising gift packs or product campaigns for the end of year. Be sure to ask your suppliers what they have planned and what marketing material they can provide to you to help you with promoting their product.

3. Promote your gift cards:

Gift cards are a gift that everyone loves to receive and are a great way to boost sales towards the end of the year. Ensure your gift cards match your branding and are presented beautifully. Team them up with products in a gift box to make an extra special Christmas gift. Encourage your staff to talk about gift vouchers with their clients and ensure you have them beautifully displayed at your reception area.

Promote online vouchers via your website, social media and email campaigns to ensure maximum exposure.

4. Create & Schedule:

Once you have your service & product promotions planned you can then create your marketing campaigns. Email marketing is a great way to expose your promotions and can be scheduled months in advance, early planning is an essential ingredient to a well thought out campaign, leaving the planning till your busy and rushed is not ideal.

SMS marketing can also be used for a more immediate result or last minute deal.

You can even schedule your facebook and social media posts months in advance once your campaign is planned and created.

5. Social media success:

Fill your social media with fun ideas… Once you have scheduled your promotions on Facebook/ Instagram etc cross promote with fun images, quotes and seasonal images. Ask your clients what their favourite product is in your salon or ask them what treatment they would most like to receive this Christmas… you could even run a competition in store for customers that answer this question… use their answers to promote services in your salon.

Ask your staff what their favourite lip colour is or what product can they not live without! Keeping it fun and engaging will ensure that when your more serious promotional posts go up your liker’s are already engaged with you and will be more likely to respond to the promotion.

If the end of year marketing is overwhelming to you and you would like some help then we are here to help. The Smallbiz team can help you plan, organize and execute your end of year marketing for maximum results. Call us on 1300 130 294 for more information.