Smallbiz Autumn Newsletter 2014

Remote Access – Web Bookings – Seminar Dates – Computer Upgrades

Log Me In Replaced

In early 2014 we received notice that Log Me In Free addition was no longer available. Having remote access is a crucial tool used in our support systems and we are happy to announce that the transition into our new remote access program called Screen Connect has been a smooth one. Clients who have spoken with support recently may have noticed this new program being used, for clients who have not been in touch with support recently, your connection will be setup on a case by case basis.


If you use Log Me In to access your salon computer from home you have the option of paying for the yearly license or you can swap to an alternate Free program such as Team Viewer.


New PC or Upgraded PC

Smallbiz reccomends replacing computer hardware every 4-5 years and there are plenty of excellent reasons why we make this suggestion.

We have recently had an influx of clients who have chosen to upgrade their PC rather than replace it which has caused many support issues. Please be aware that if you choose to upgrade your PC rather than replace it you do at your own risk.

“All technology has a set life cycle. Manufacturers call this life cycle MTBF, or mean time between failures.” (Brian Roach)

For more information about why we recommend replacing your hardware rather than upgrading it please visit our website.


Expressions of Interest

In 2013 the suggestion was made about running a seminar on the same weekend as the trade show events? We think this is a great idea as a good percentage of our clients travel to Sydney for these events.

The Hair Expo is on from the 7-9 June and we are now taking expressions of interest from Advantage Club members who would be interested in attending.

Could you please email to register your interest and what day & time would be most suitable.

Seminar dates for other states will be announced later on in the year.


End of the Road for Windows XP

After the 8th April, Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP, and there will be no more patches or updates. Without support, after 8th April Windows XP will become more vulnerable and it may potentially become an even greater target for hackers. If your business hasn’t upgraded to a newer version of Windows then now is the time.

Over the last few years Smallbiz has had procedures in place to convert Smallbiz users onto updated operating systems however if you are still using Windows XP we suggest calling our phone support team as soon as possible to discuss your options.