The way we do business

What are the different methods of getting Smallbiz into my business?

We try to make Smallbiz accessible to all types of Small businesses and offer a rental, cloud & outright buying options.

For smaller salons, we also different price levels where the number of staff is restricted.

Rent – starting from $99 per month, the Smallbiz rental option is a great way to try before you buy and you can be up and running in no time.

Buy – starting from $1395 our software packages long-term are a more cost effective way of purchasing Smallbiz & also include 6 months of support & training.

Cloud – starting from $99 per month your Smallbiz license can sit on our cloud and can be accessed from ipads, smart phones or wherever an internet connection is present.

What does the 90-day money back guarantee involve?

To show confidence in our system, we offer a 90 day money back guarantee on Smallbiz software & training.

Does Smallbiz barter?

It is company policy that our prices are the same for everyone.

Our prices do not go up if you’re in an up market area or we think you can afford to pay more. You can be assured that people in the known crowd or big name businesses do not get a free ride for using their name in advertising.

Why don’t we use hard sales tactics?

We don’t like having hard sales tactics used on us & feel that if you have time to consider your options and are fully informed, then the correct decision will be made for your business.

We realize that computers are not something that business owners are generally experts on and it can be very easy to feel bamboozled. Please take your time & review all of the detailed information we give to you and ask as many questions as you like.