What can Smallbiz Do?

How will Smallbiz help my business?

Smallbiz is a comprehensive management system. Used in the correct way it will help you to build a powerful targeted customer database.

The point of sale features will making balancing the till at the end of every day a breeze but will also allow you to produce in-depth reports on every aspect of your business.

The marketing module will help you to create targeted marketing campaigns using a combination of SMS, Email & Mail.

The wages module makes payroll a breeze and even creates staff wage slips at a click of a button.

Our appointment book will turn your front desk into an efficient appointment making workspace.

Every aspect of Smallbiz will help you and your business, please refer to our sales pack for further breakdowns of Smallbiz modules and what they individually offer.

Do I have to use the Appointment Book?

We understand that not everyone is comfortable using an electronic appointment book. The Smallbiz appointment book has been designed as a standalone module, so if you decide you would prefer to stick with your paper book you can simply not use the appointment section in Smallbiz. You will still have a multitude of resources at your fingertips and when after using Smallbiz for a while and seeing just how easy it is to use, the appointment book will be waiting ready to be used when you’re a ready to give it a try!

Does Smallbiz allow web bookings?

Yes. If you have a website, Smallbiz web bookings has the ability to sit online with your website and allow your customers to make appointments from the convenience of their home. Smallbiz can also accept pre payment or deposits for appointments to avoid no shows or spam appointments.

You have control as to what clients can & cannot book, and the web booking system is in real time so there is no possibility of double booking.

The Smallbiz web booking function does incur extra setup fees and costs, please contact us for more detailed information & pricing.

Does Smallbiz allow my clients to confirm an Appointment via SMS?

Most definitely! SMS confirmations are now the most popular way to confirm appointments with our users. Using your internet connection Smallbiz sends a text message to your customers with details of their appointment. The customer can then reply Y and the appointment will instantly be confirmed in the appointment book. SMS & SMS reply services do incur additional costs please contact us for more information.

What are your SMS costs?

The SMS features are included when you purchase Smallbiz however you do have to pay for each SMS sent. If you also wish to use the reply SMS facility, we need to set you up with a virtual mobile number at a cost of $35 per month.

We sell SMS’s in bulk lots of 1000, 2500, 5000 & 10,000; the bigger the lot the cheaper the rate.
Our pricing currently varies from16.8c to 13.1c each

Unlike some systems, where you have monthly usage, our credits don’t expire. So you can purchase 1000 and use them over 6 months or longer if you like.