Comparisons & Converting Data from other Systems

Why are other systems so much more expensive? Does Smallbiz do less?

Not in the slightest, we believe Smallbiz has more features & is easier to use than other systems. We do not consider ourselves cheap, we consider the competitions expensive. We not only sell to hair & beauty salons, our software is used in a wide variety of industries where outrageous prices are simply not tolerated.

Can Smallbiz convert the data from other systems directly into Smallbiz so I don’t loose or have to retype information?

We have on numerous occasions converted data from other Systems into Smallbiz. In most cases we can bring across names, addresses, sales history, & information from customer cards. Subject to our discretion, this service is offered at a minimal fee. As a matter of policy and privacy we do not convert wages or appointment book information.

Why doesn’t Smallbiz have an accounts System?

Smallbiz prefers to keep things like outstanding accounts & personal account details away from the front reception desk of a business. We feel that having such information at a click of a button and available to staff could be harmful to ones business.

Most Small businesses are owner operated run and usually don’t have time to balance books, reconcile statements or finalise accounts during business hours, in fact most prefer to do this at home or away from the business without interruption.

An accounting package is better left to the people who have a dedicated system. Professional accounting systems dedicate their entire practice to their specialty and therefore achieve better results.

Does Smallbiz allow me to download new stock & price changes without me having to enter them?

If your supplier can supply us with an acceptable electronic pricelist, we can then convert this information have it ready to download into Smallbiz.

Can I log into Smallbiz so I can work from home?

Using a remote desktop program such as log me in allows you to remotely log into your front desk computer from the convenience of your home. All changes made from home are in real time and will be automatically updated on the front desk computer.

If you require multiple users to be using your Smallbiz software at once, you may be an ideal candidate for our cloud license. Please contact us for more information.

What security do I have so that staff cannot take a backup & then open up around the corner?

As site owners ourselves, we have put a great deal of effort into protecting your information. To this end, every business that purchases Smallbiz has a unique security code that matches your data. To put it simply if the codes do not match then the data will not work. In other words, someone cannot get another version of Smallbiz and load your data. Your data only works with your system CD.