cid_image001_png01CDCBDCSmallbiz Winter Newsletter 2014

Major Upgrade – Tax Scales – GV Maintenance – Website Offer

SMS Reply Trial Offer

Our last SMS reply trial was a huge success and allowed users to see just how convenient having clients confirm directly to the appointment book really is. If you have been considering reply SMS then now is the time to try it out.

The SMS reply service allows your customers to automatically confirm their appointment via reply SMS. We are offering a very special offer which is only available for a limited time.

Try the SMS reply service for the next three months at 50% off!

Offer ends 31st August 2014

For only $17.50 per month (minimum 3 months) you can trial the SMS reply service in your business. After the three month trial if you wish to continue, the monthly cost will resume at $35.00 per month. Valid for new SMS reply accounts only.


Smallbiz Conversions

Some Smallbiz users are still running on our old database. We strongly recommend organising your system to be converted with support as soon as possible. Over the last two years we have been converting most systems at no cost, however this phase out period is coming to an end and there will be charges to convert once our new version has been released. If you are not sure if you have been converted please contact our support team on 1300 130 294.

Tax Scales Update

taxChanges to the 2014-2015 tax scales if approved will only apply to incomes over $180,000 per year. If you are in this category please call our support team as we would love to know your secret.

Smallbiz 64bit Upgrade

Smallbiz will shortly be releasing our new 64bit native version, as part of a major rewrite of the foundations of the Smallbiz program. Initially Smallbiz users will see a faster performing program but more importantly this major over haul will allow fantastic new features in Smallbiz to be possible over the coming months.

Email Bounces


Did you know that when you send an email campaign through our email marketing area that the email bounces are automatically recorded in Smallbiz? This means that you will not waste email credits sending campaigns to clients with an invalid or inactive email address and Smallbiz will prompt you next time they are in the salon for the email address to be updated.

Gift Voucher Maintenance Warning

The gift voucher maintenance area is a feature within Smallbiz that can be very useful. We have however recently had users use this feature lightly and wipe out large amounts or incorrect vouchers. Please use this feature very careful and when in doubt please contact our support team.


Automatic Backups

Are you certain that your backups are being done & saved correctly? If not then why not consider automatic backups. Your software can be programmed to automatically backup weekly or daily for just $9.90 or $19.80 per month respectively.