March 25 Update with SMS Script, Link & Landing Page

You can send an SMS with this link¬† which will explain you are closed [copy the link to your browser now to view the global salon message] An example may be [enter your salon details]…. <customer_firstname> please click the link for a message from YOUR SALON NAME regarding your appointment YOUR SALON NUMBER

March 20 Update with SMS Script & Link

SMS script with Landing Page Link Copy & Paste the script below into the SMS TAB of your Smallbiz Marketing Module Send it to yourself 1st We at YOUR SALON NAME are business as usual, looking forward to seeing you soon If you are concerned click or call us 02123456789

Edit a FREE Email Template in Smallbiz

We love to offer FREE Templates however if you would like to take a more Bespoke approach to your salon communications please call us at support You can now go ahead and add images/logo change text & add salon details etc

Marketing Selection for Lapsed Clients

This marketing search is designed for you to find all clients who last visited [in a period of time] and send them an sms. This is great for regular follow up on lapsed clients.

Marketing Search Clients with Future Bookings

This Marketing search is designed for you to find all your clients with future appointments for any service or further refined by department/service then send them an SMS message

March 2020

A letter to our Smallbiz Clients We are business as usual here at Smallbiz However, at this time of concern around community well-being and business fragility we would like to offer added support where possible. Please see below the letter that was emailed to your salon this week. Australian Government COVID-19 Infection Control Training